Butcher Shop

Welcome Customers!

Cooper's Country Meat Packers has been in business for over 40 years, but back in 2005 we opened up a one-of-a-kind butcher market where you can come and get some of the best quality meat custom cut. Over the years we have expanded the market to include much more than just custom cuts of meat! Here you can pick up all the fixin's for your cookout (like seasonings, specialty items, sauces and spices). If you just need a quick solution for dinner, pick up one of our fully cooked meals that you can just warm up and eat! We also offer exclusive specialty flavors of our Country Pleasin' Smoked Sausage not found in your local grocery stores.

Sorry Arby's, WE have the meats!

In the Butcher Shop we have some of the best cuts of beef, pork, and chicken. Our meat is cut fresh daily, to provide our customers with the best quality meat we can. If you need your meat custom cut, ask one of our friendly Butcher Shop Employee's to cut it for you. Check out our Butcher Shop Menu in the Side Bar to see everything we offer! 

In-store exclusives: We offer certain flavors of Country Pleasin' sausage that you can't find in the grocery store (like Maple)! 

Smoked Meats & Fully Cooked Sides 

We offer fully-cooked smoked meats and sides ready to heat and serve (most are offered in a convenient boil-in-the-bag container). The easiest (and tastiest) solution for entertaining guests or just feeding the family when you're too busy to cook! Check out our full Butcher Shop Menu in the Side Bar!

Catering: We are here to accommodate your catering needs! Call us to cater your next event, party, wedding, etc. Check out our Catering Menu in the Side Bar to see what all we offer! 

Butcher Shop Exclusive Specialty Items

Here in the Butcher Shop, we like to put fun ingredients together to make our awesome specialty items. We like to give our employees the place to create custom products, that make the Butcher Shop what it is. Country Meat Packer's Specialty Items are the perfect appetizer, meal, or side item.

Check out our Butcher Shop menu in the side bar to get yours in-store today!

Sauces, Seasoning, and Spices

We have a great variety of local brands (including our own Grillin' & Chillin' Sauce and Slop Sauce as well as Doe's Seasoning, and many others), as well as customer favorites from around the southeast (like Killer Hogs).

This is your one-stop-shop to stock up on every thing you need for a killer cookout!